Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Real Deal

When she walked into my studio the place lit up and the walls started to glow. She had the energy and presence of a country and western singer when the concert is about to start. I got the feeling right away that she was just "people", and she that would be that same effervescent presence whether she was with one person or an auditorium filled with thousands;  and I knew it would be a good session.

Not the "typical" presence you think of for a psychologist, therapist, coach.  We tend to have a conservative expectation of those professions, but not this lady.  I asked her, pre-shoot, what she wanted the images to relay to her clients. She said her "happy, energetic personality."  Well now... here ya go.

I started the session with some relaxing, mind soothing music. After about 10 minutes, Peg asked, "You got any 70's disco? " and we rocked the rest of the session to a bouncy Chaka Khan, resulting in the expressions you see here, and so much more. 

Peg Haust-Arliss is a Certified Cognitive Therapist, specializing in anxiety and panic challenges, Robbins-Madanes Coach specializing in Relationships and Health and Wellness... and a life coach.  And judging from her attitude, her presence and the joyous relationship she BEAMS about with her husband, we think she's the real deal. Check her web site at: